About this Site

Hello! I'm Pseudo3D. This blog was created as a spin-off of my College Station blog, Brazos Buildings & Businesses to focus on the Houston area from Galveston to Hempstead, from Sugar Land to Humble. Check back soon...

That was what the first page said of this website when it launched in late October 2013. Unfortunately, it only made it to two entries, one of which was basically a reprint of what I had at another site, and one of which was a newspaper article that I used with my Highway 290 page from Carbon-izer. By late 2014, The Houston Files was abandoned.

Today, that's no longer the case, and The Houston Files is back. While it will never be quite the same as the old site that I had in mind a few years ago, it will try to avoid stepping on any toes of established websites--it won't have what Arch-ive.org has already covered (generally, unless there's distinct information on it), and will also try to avoid conflict with South Belt Houston and West Houston Archives. It will, however, include newspaper articles (likely cut down) or advertisements, and will primarily serve (right now) as a way of collecting information that has already been written, and these will be linked to or transcribed. It's also different than the original site in that it does not allow comments and keeps the casual prose to a minimum.

Additionally, the Houston Files lacks a formal index, so it is advised using the archives.