Page Updates

This page is meant for individual updates (big stuff, at least) on individual pages or the site as a whole. It is not a catalog of when new pages appear. The site is updated once a week on Thursdays. Archives can be viewed on the right, or can be explored via tags.

11/21/18 - Started to create "photograph" and "advertisement" tags.
11/15/18 - Made a title change (West Belt) to the Auchan page, personal pronouns eliminated in Wendy's 290, updates to the Holiday Inn Greenway Plaza page, Mambo Seafood was also updated to eliminate personal pronouns, and the "editor's note" was made a bit smaller in the Splashtown page.
11/03/18 - Updated 500-502 North Belt after additional sources were found
10/17/18 - Added a source to The Hollywood (previous touch-ups had been made)
9/13/18 - Reworded Ruth's Chris Steak House to eliminate personal pronouns, as well as Americana Motor Inn (which required a more extensive rewrite).
9/10/18 - Reworded Forum at Memorial Woods to eliminate personal pronouns, including removal of the sentence "Even after I had seen it dozens of times before, I remember how excited I was when I saw it and the other landmarks of Uptown when I took a trip to Houston solo in 2014 (something about driving yourself...), and the brown-and-green building is still distinctive."
8/30/18 - Made slight day one changes to Sound Fitness, added address to 290 McDonald's, and reworded posts to eliminate personal pronouns down to Splashtown.
8/23/18 - Added Commercial Businesses tag to the Holiday Inn Greenway Plaza page, as well as changed wording to eliminate "My" and "I" as part of a test.
7/27/18 - Routine maintenance. Changed floors of Albert Pick. Made minor updates to Northwest Freeway Page. Every page (except for the page on At Home) have additional "Houston" tags.