External Links

The Houston Files may be "new" but here are some other sites of interest if you want more Houston history that is not in this site.

While not exclusively Houston, this site features an extensive amount of photography and some information about the buildings derived from old directories (sadly not often dated)

Houston Historic Retail
This site is worth checking out for information on departed retail chains from the Houston area, including Albertsons, AppleTree, and Kmart. Recommended!

West Houston Archives
Regrettably no longer updated (the original WestHoustonArchives.org was lost to domain squatters, but the full site was restored), this covers areas around the 290/FM 1960/Copperfield area.

South Belt Houston Digital History Archive
A bit harder to navigate for good stuff (much of the content has been on local schools, etc.) but author Tori Mask has dug up pictures that were once thought to be lost forever, like the Foley's "ship" in the children's shoes section.

More sites will be added in the future.