Thursday, July 12, 2018

Tejas Materials Inc.

1902 Weber Street

This facility was built in 1948 for Ceco Steel Products Corporation, which relocated from 2814 Pease (the old facility was sold to adjacent to Markle Steel), housing an office, fabrication plant, and warehouse. When Ceco closed the facility is unknown, but in the late 1980s it was leased to Gypsum Management & Supply, which changed names to Tejas Distribution Company, and eventually Tejas Materials Inc., which bought the facility outright from Ceco-Robertson (merger from 1990) in 1993.

Originally, there was a storage yard out back accessible through an extension of Silver Street, but reconfigurations from highway construction would mean that Silver Street was truncated past Weber, and the space to the east of the warehouse used instead. Of interest is an abandoned spur that was cut off in the early 1990s (or even 1980s), connecting to the Katy line and cutting between the buildings owned by Martin Preferred Foods to the south. You can see that some rails still remain just beyond the repaving of the road, with the original Weber surface buried about four inches or so below the current pavement.